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Yes, to backmount you'll need the adapter linked in post above. All-E should have them, or one can be shipped from for $2.50.

M6 is the right size, and APC E props have an adapter ring to match. No problem there... (if your stock motor has a 5mm shaft, it prob uses a collet prop adapter. that adapter will be M6, just like the Zs30 backmount)

You can't just assume that the "stock" prop for one motor will be right with another. ZS3020-10 on good, fresh 3S lipo typically uses 10x7 to 11x7 props. With a 60A ESC the 11x7 should be fine, and you'll get terrific performance. But I'd start with a 10x7 and see how you like it. If the Lipo are really good, 10x7 will be pretty powerful, and you'll get longer flights and more cycles on the pack.

It would be a mistake to return the motor. You won't find one that performs better. Your choice...


PS: Scorpion S2 and Hyperion Zs motors use the same shaft material.

Originally Posted by tlr-boise
I just bought a Hyperion ZS3020-10 with Atlas 60 Amp ESC, from Bob at All e RC, and they're going back, unless someone can advise me how I'm wrong about it.

I bought the motor and ESC to replace a E-flite Power 25 in my Apprentice. (And 40 amp ESC).

Flying the stock 11 x 8 prop.

I'm a new flyer, and I'm re-building from a crash. Thought I'd give the Hyperion a try.

The shaft comes out the back, and I need it to come out the front.

What now?
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