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Re: How bad is castor oil in the fuel? (spelling approximate)

"M M hongkong" <> wrote in message
> Help!
> Anybody can help on about mixing fuel?
> I can't find Klotz (K100 / K200) oil.
> Castrol/ Valvdline and Shell are easy to find in my city except Klotz.
> Which model number can replace Klotz?

Where are you looking for your oil MM? It sounds like you've been to your
local bike or go-kart emporium, where I doubt you'll find much that's any
use to you if you're using a glow motor.

Klotz is formulated for model engines running methanol, so your best bet
would be to either buy a ready mixed proprietry model fuel or by the fuel
components (ALL of them) from a respectable model shop.

Hong Kong has MANY such places from all accounts.


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