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Originally Posted by rewstad
I recently moved. Guess what? My house has a Pond/Lake behind it. Everytime I look at the glassy water I wish I had one of these planes. But why this one and not just put floats on my Super Cub or MUS. Looks like fun. Would be great to fly without having to go the the flying field. Well, our flying field is literally 2 minutes away. I feel like I'm so spoiled now. Anyways. I want to get frame and give it the hobbycity treament. tr28-30 1050kv motor, hxt9000, flightmax 1500mah 20c, turnigy 30amp esc. Any thoughts? Thanks for your help gus. I was gonna get the PNP version, but in my experience I have found they usually put cheaper items in those versions. i.e. es50 instead of futaba s3114 which has twice the torque and is slightly faster. I know hobbycity has some cheap stuff, but I still think my choices have to be better than what will be supplied. The PNP is 189.00. My version will be 109+10.84+19.60+3.65(3)=150.39. This is of couse less receiver and battery since it will be the same for both. I think I'm gonna fabricate some floats for my Super Cub until I get this thing all together. The Seawinds in this thread look so nice in the air and on the water. Thanksfor your time and help.
I have both a MUS with floats and a Seawind and live on a 55 acre lake -- it's a blast to fly both (not at the same time of course)! The MUS is an excellent plane on floats, and of course, the Seawind (despite its manufacturing shortcomings) takes to the water just like a duck. Great combination.
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