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The E-lula

I got mine a week ago and built and flew it last week. I used a 4 cell AAA NiMH pack that weighed 1.8 oz and had to add a penny and a nickel to balance. I used that RX pack to do two hours of SAL launches without having to care about running out of battery. It was fun but my flights could only be measured in seconds. I've lived eight different places in Texas and have never found a good slope site so all of my models have motors. My Alula had to join the club. I had a Aeronaut 7236/08 6x6 CAM-Carbon folder made for speed 400 use and an older 3D outrunner called an "Azfi" and put those to work. I had a 6x3 but the 6x6 was the first one I found so that got used. I cut off the tip of the nose where it matched the spinner diameter of 30mm. I then used a Dremel sanding drum and an X-acto knife to remove enough foam for the motor mount and a firewall. To give the firewall a stronger base, I cut a block of very dense EPP from a Superflea scrap and cyanoed it behind where the firewall would be glued in. For a 750 ma 2S Rhino lipo, I cut a pocket into the top of the nose from the wing spar forward and just deep enough to bring the top of the lipo to where the foam used to be. I made a pocket behind the wing spar for a Castle Phoenix 10.

It was little squirrelly on launch because I didn't add any down or right thrust but it gets up to hard to see altitude in 10-15 seconds and the first flight led to 15 minutes of flying with restarts low down that exceeded the flight time of all of my SALs put together. It now weighs 7.5 ounces which is 1.5 more than it was as a glider at 6. It comes down a little faster but it goes a lot higher and stays up much longer now. I would fly slope if I could but it just canít be done reasonably anywhere I have lived in Texas. For this flatlander, a motor and a folder is the only way to go.

I've added motor details on page 65 in post #964:

Prop details in #974:

Flight pictures page 69 post #1030:

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