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Hitec Aurora 9 & Aurora 9X Simulator Interface Function Set-up

Hitec provide three Simulator Interface Accessories packs:

# 58318 = SIC HE (HU+EU) Complete SIC (Simulator Interface Cable) = Dongle with Mono Plug
for Aurora 9X, 9, Optic 5 & 6 Sport, Lite 4, JR and similar systems.

Also included is a 6 Pin DIN plug adapter for use with:
Hitec Eclipse 7, Optic 6, Laser, Prism, Focus and older Futaba Transmitters.
. (Full Package being #58317 & #58315).
# 58317 = SIC HU Hitec Adapter (short Mono to DIN plug cable only) Useful to convert systems supplied with a JR cable only
# 58315 = SIC Hitec SIC Cable (Dongle with Mono Plug for Aurora, Optic Sport & JR only, no adapter) ***not available all countries.
Transmitter Trainer Cords and USB Interfaces - Update 24Mar10.

Simulator & Interface Instruction Sheet is attached below.

. FMS:
Those running Vista need to install a DLL file, "D3DRM.DLL " included with instructions in the zip file attached below.

1st Nov 2013:
. "MULTIflight" freeware program added, see "K" below.

Aurora 9 & 9X Simulator Interface Function Set-up:
1. Plug Dongle into a USB Port on PC, plug Mono Plug into "Trainer" socket on rear of Aurora TX.
(A Mono plug is used with SIM whereas a Stereo plug is used in Buddy/Trainer/Slave/Data Transfer mode)

2. Switch TX On. Do NOT touch the "Transmit - "Yes" or "No" buttons on Initial Screen,
simply wait for a few moments more and the "[MULTI - I/O]" Icon will appear below
the "Hitec" logo on right lower corner of screen.
Refer to Hitec Aurora Data Transfer Video.

3. Select "[T.Pupil]" and proceed as normal to set up as detailed in the "Clearview, FMS & RCDP
Settings Instruction sheet" attached this post.
There is no need to remove the module.
Aurora do not transmit RF when used in [T.Pupil] (Simulator) mode.

4. Do Not try running any type of transmitter off a wall charger, whilst using a simulator,
this as charger outputs half wave rectified, unregulated and unfiltered DC.
Transmitter cannot function correctly on other than a smooth fully regulated
battery type power source.
(Reason why transmitter charger jack is shut off when the transmitter is turned on.
User will notice that if transmitter is turned on whilst charger is connected, the red LED
on the charger goes out to indicate it is no longer charging.)

. Hitec Eclipse 7 & Eclipse 7 Pro - Simulator Interface Cable & Wireless Simulator Interface
and other Hitec transmitters are also set up as attached and articles below:

Other Simulator Programs:

a). Aerofly 5 & Aerofly ProDeluxe Flight Simulators:
AeroFly 5 & AeroFly Professional Deluxe
Plug in supplied proprietary USB cable, switch on TX & select "T-pupil" as above.
Module may be removed from Aurora. Aurora also does not then require to be setup in Trainer mode, simply select Transmit "No" when switched on.

b) ClearView RC Flight Simulator
Clearview - refer pictorial .pdf attached this post.

c). FS One v2
FS One V2. - Use the included FS One V2 Interface cable and connect the same as for FMS as in notes 1, 2 & 3 above.

d). Phoenix
Plug in supplied proprietary USB cable (stereo plug in this instance) switch on TX & select "T-pupil" as above.
. Channel Mapping & Startup for Aurora and Simulators.
. Heli setup Q&A Post #3 this thread and
...Q. Phoenix 2.5 Heli flyer Able to go into idle up (on the sim) on the keyboard and none of the switches seem to map to any of the commands.
...A. Create a model in your TX. Set it up for a 90 deg swash one servo then go in and set your throttle and pitch curves for your conditions ie normal, idle one, idle 2 etc...

..Phoenix Sim setup for 3D/scale (Heli or Plane) complete with zip file to download & install direct to an Aurora using HPP-22..
. Phoenix Support.

e). RC Desk Pilot (Freeware)
RCDP V0.1.3 - refer pictorial .pdf attached this post.
Reduce throttle trim to L40 and adjust as necessary so prop is virtually stopped when stationary.

f). Realflight G3+
As with all proprietary systems, can only be used with their own interface. (Use 3.2 mm (1/8) jack plug supplied).
Switch on TX with plug inserted, select "Multi I/O" which will appear bottom right of screen, then select "T-pupil".
. In need, activate extra aileron and other required channels - see thread post #6 below
. Wireless adapter, see section "K" below.

g). Reflex XTR..
Reflex - Vista 7 instructions Nov09.
Jan2011: Reflex-sim latest drivers and information for Vista and Windows 7 64bit.

h). SmartPropolus
SmartPropolus method does not need a special USB cable, uses a 3.2 mm audio cable between the Aurora 9
trainer socket and the PC-LINE In socket. Switch on TX, select [Multi I/O] then [T-Pupil] as above.

i). Windows 7 or Vista
D3DRM.DLL Windows 7 Problem?
Download the D3DRM.DLL..
Open the Zip file and then copy D3DRM.DLL to the Simulator's directory.

j). Linux & Mac
Aerofly Pro manual "AeroFly 5 uses the programming interface OpenGL, Version 2.1 upwards to display the 3D graphics
Contrary to Direct3D (DirectX), OpenGL also operates under systems that are not Microsoft Windows-based
systems, e.g. Apple Mac OS X and Linux. We urgently recommend installing the current 3D drivers for
your 3D graphics card before installing AeroFly 5. For this purpose, visit the website of the manufacturer
of your graphics card ( or Current NVIDA and ATI drivers in particular support
OpenGL Version 3.1. on up-to-date 3D graphics cards so that Aerofly 5 not only operates faster but also
looks better.

K). Multiplex Flight Simulator.
Multiplex Flight Simulator. - "MULTIflight"
Minimum recommended system:
◾Operating system: Microsoft Windows® XP (SP2), Windows® Vista®, Windows® 7 or Windows® 8
◾CPU Intel® Pentium® 4 or AMD Athlon™ 64, 1.6 GHz
◾512 MB RAM
◾2 GB free hard disc space
◾USB port

L). Wireless Connection for Simulator Interface:

. SimStick
. How To Set up JR/Spectrum plug type SimStick with A9 - Pictorial.
. Modelguard "Simstream", set up
Aurora 9, Eclipse 7 Pro, Optic 6 Sport etc in similar manner as pictured for SimStick.

. RealFlight - DIY Wireless Adapter.

Further information and download sources for many models on various simulators is available
under sub Section:
"Trainer (Buddy box) cables - DIY "
"Buddy Boxes. Servo Leads. Flight Simulator & Interface." at:
. Alan's Hobby, Model & RC FAQ Web Links

Alan T.
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