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Originally Posted by NinetySix
Have you done any bench testing on that prop? the figures on show 788g thrust and 60mph pitch speed for an APC 7x5E on that motor, drawing 20.2A. I think the TGS props might a little more efficient around that size.

a TGS 6x4E on a 2212-06 puts out 868g thrust and would have around 80mph pitch speed (the test data assumed a pitch of 4.0", but they are actually 4.6") drawing 23.9A

Did you try a TGS 6x5E or TGS 6x4E with your 2212? remember TGS screwed up the pitch numbers for these props. The 6x5E is really 4.0" and the 6x4E is 4.6".

I would love to see some pics of that 7" prop on a CF
I only use charts for a starting point. I have found way too many times that the Calculated numbers are far off from the actual numbers. Other times they are right on. I have several identical motors that need different props to get the optimal thrust/watts. So, for me, I use only real data from my test stand to determine what I use for motor, prop, esc, battery info. Also, depending on what type of flying I want to do, I will change the prop, battery, and sometimes the esc to accomplish my needs. Unfortunately, in my experience (40+ years), I have come to the conclusion that there is no magic formula for the optimal gear in a given airplane. That is OK with me because I love to experiment as much as I do fly the planes. Most of my experience professionally has been systems design in a weightless environment. That is totally different from what I deal with as a hobbyist. I like gravity a lot more.
Oh, after changing motors, props, batteries, ESC, etc on the AXN, I finally arrived right back at where I started - the stock setup with the necessary mods to the motor for reliability. For my flying, the stock setup is a perfect balance for both gliding about and limited aerobatics. At this moment, it is totally stock.
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