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Originally Posted by ajbaker
I have never used an 8x4 prop and I never said I did. The 8x3.8 is just part of the package linked above. I use a TGS 7x5 prop and it gives the best Watts/per pound of all the props I have tried. I do not recommend cutting a notch in the fuse for anyone since it is one of the weak spots of the fuse. I flew the AXN with the 2212-06 and found it came up short in both power and flight time. The motor works fairly well in a slow stick.
Have you done any bench testing on that prop? the figures on show 788g thrust and 60mph pitch speed for an APC 7x5E on that motor, drawing 20.2A. I think the TGS props might a little more efficient around that size.

a TGS 6x4E on a 2212-06 puts out 868g thrust and would have around 80mph pitch speed (the test data assumed a pitch of 4.0", but they are actually 4.6") drawing 23.9A

Did you try a TGS 6x5E or TGS 6x4E with your 2212? remember TGS screwed up the pitch numbers for these props. The 6x5E is really 4.0" and the 6x4E is 4.6".

I would love to see some pics of that 7" prop on a CF
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