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In teh old days of Free Flight, I was told - and have no reaosn to doubt it - that forward CG with lots of decalage was not teh best way to get the glide right.

The lowest rate of sink is when the tailplane has no downforce, or even is actually generatung lift. That means a very rearward CG and usually a very long tail. for stability. CG might be as far aft on such a model as 50-70% of wing chord. Decalage was VERY small.

Moving the CG a bit forward, got the best glide ANGLE - i.e. the gretaest range from a given height.

Howe this would apply to a fly8ing wing, I don't know.
Nearly all my models need up elevator to glifde well compared with power on flight. Or if you like, down trim to avoid ballooning, under power.

Just use computer mixing to get it. And move the CG as far back as staibility will allow.
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