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Originally Posted by earlwb
captain geek.
Major bummer there. How in the heck did you manage to hook up the receiver directly to the Lipo pack? You likely killed the servos as well with 12v applied to them.
The receivers are only rated to 5v. Anything over that is not good. They typically only have capacitors that are rated for around 6v, so even using 6 volts may be too much for them.
To use a ESC without a BEC built in, then you have to use a separate UBEC to provide the 5 volts from the same battery pack. You could use a Lipo pack for the motor and a separate nicad 4.8v reciever pack, or a smaller separate Lipo pack with a UBEC to drop the voltage down to safe levels for the receiver and servos.

The bubble on the receiver case implies the little voltage regulator inside burned up. If you have some electronics skills, you might be able to replace the voltage regulator and maybe a power input filter cap and get the receiver working again. They are probably using a small 3v regulator in there, nothing fancy considering how much the receiver costs. The regulator would protected the small mcu chip inside.
thanks for this. any idea where i could find an appropriate voltage regulator? radio shack?
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