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Well, I flew the $6 tiny but mighty EMax 2822 motor with a 10X4.7 SF prop, that I wrote about in the last post, again just before dark and it will climb this plane vertical until it is out of site. On take off I throttle back while vertical and let it hover for a second then throttle up and away it went, straight up! I was useing a 3 cell 1320 thunder power battery and I was in the throttle a lot. After landing the motor and battery was barely warm.

So this will cut the cost even more on this build. However, this motor didn't come with the wire ends or the prop hub. So, if you add that to the cost, you will still be under $10. Not bad for a motor that performs like it did today.

I can't say enough how well this little plane performs, how little it cost, how quick and easy it is to build and it looks good. I know it's not for every one because a lot of pilots have progressed beyond this stage of flying but if you have been flying a slow flyer and you are looking to move to the next step and want a fun little flyer that you build yourself and can fly in a small space then this is a good choice. Each time I fly it I love it even more and I will try to stop with the sales pitch.
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