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Originally Posted by clintski
I would also like to test 13x6.5 and 12x6 as I find it puzzling that the smaller, lighter, AND lower kv Zs3020-10 (922kv) can spin these props at a higher RPM according to the official datasheet??? Maybe some voltage drop with the Zs3025??

Either way the 3020 looks like a great motor for my 25e EDGE which is a little onderpowered at the moment.
Nope. Look at the voltage for the 3025-08 test compared to the 3020-10. The BLUE color is there to alert you that the voltage is much lower than you'll see with a strong lipo pack. The prop data was taken with old G2 packs, and some of those were tired. My tech should have caught that, but didn't. So we will re-test with a lab power supply next month for all the motors, with 3.65V/cell every time, to simulate a G3 pack about a minute into a flight.

Anyway, the Zs3020 is a great motor for the 25e 3D models for aero/3D mix. For 3D prime, use 3014.

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