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Well the landing gear saga continues...

Went to the field today to test out the new gear and work on using the airbrake for slowing down my landings. Pre-flight check showed one of the mains sticking in the retracted position. I could move it forward and backward a bit and it would release. I was planning on practicing landings anyway so I just decided to leave them in the down position anyway and check out the sticking issue later. So, takeoff was uneventful although I did have to correct a bit with rudder while on the ground due to one gear having a bit of tow-out.

I made one slow circuit with the air brake fully extended to see how the handling is affected. Seemed ok so I came in for landing and was doing ok, had a bit of cross wind but had it lined up. In the last few feet (5-10) it just lost all lift and dropped. In spite of the claims that it will fly really slow, I guess I crossed that threshold. Damage is one sheered pin on a main, front bulkhead for the front gear is broken off. It appeared that it broke the wood, but mostly came loose from the fiberglass by braking the epoxy. So all in all it is an easy fix but I need to make sure the air brake servo isn't damaged from the belly flop. Also, the other main seems to have bent the sheer pin so it isn't lined up now. I will definitely have to get a handful of those pins. Not sure if I should continue trying the airbrake assisted landings or just get the wheel brakes working, land hot and apply air and wheel brakes upon touchdown.

Oh well, I better get to work.
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