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I don't know what the motor actually draws. I fly mostly pattern style with it and the model will easily go vertical, so I'm happy with the power level of the 2204-14. I can fly with a 2s 360, but the cg is slightly aft. If I use a 2s 460 Rhino my cg is neutral and the model will fly hands off upright or inverted. I used just enough glue to bond the parts, and my epp doubler under the nose area only goes around the perimeter. There wasn't anything special done to keep it light other than a reasonably careful build. I have known weights to calibrate my O Haus scale, so I'm pretty sure the weight of mine is within a few tenths of a gram of being 180 grams flying weight with the 360. The foam for my leading edge extensions, nose doubler and fences is 1.3 lb density and the small fences that help stiffen the wing bracing are made from 3mm depron. I've seen the weights of other Piaget's and I've wondered why they're so heavy. One possibility is that the epp used by TechOne may vary in thickness. My kit may have had slightly thinner epp. My motor is about 6 grams lighter than the one supplied with the kit. The GWS 8x4.3 prop is lighter too. Liike any build, the little stuff starts adding up. Removing stickers, shrink wrap etc from the rx and esc saved at least 3 grams. Shortening the wires helps too. This plane will never be like my real f3p's, but it can take a hit and not show any damage. I'm going to build some epp copies of my depron kits and see how they fly.
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