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Originally Posted by thermlin'
I've never been called on having anything but nerves of steel. I'm not exaggerating.
And at any rate, most cops have at least a few seconds of "drop your weapon" or whatever before they're even in a position to shoot rightfully...plenty of time to line up a good shot.
9 shots and no hits is just ridiculous...I'd be embarrassed if I was trained that much.

Mate I've got a drill for you.... You'll have your 9 mil G.... and I'll use my little ole S/W 22. auto.... I will also guarantee that you will not hit anywhere close to a bullseye at whatever distance.. becuase you'll be to busy trying to keep you head down.... and if you don't believe me... will you get the picture...

and if you thing I don't know what I'mma talkin about will this vietnam vet can rock N roll....
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