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Package Contents

Package arrived today, less than a week after placing the order online at Pix attached.

Packed nicely for shipment, an outer carton and wadded newspaper protecting the inner carton.

Laser cutting looks good. A couple of balsa parts were falling out of their sheets, which is absolutely normal for good laser-cut balsa. Not a problem. No scorch marks on balsa. Nice. There are four major sheets of cut balsa (I'm guessing 3/32", mostly,) a number of sticks and odd-shaped bits of balsa, plus a number of formed steel rods. Two of these rods are part of the on-wing aileron linkage.

There's a clear plastic canopy (still in blue wrapper,) a vacuum-formed cowl, and a decal sheet. Plans are in two sheets, both full-size. The instruction manual is about 8 pages, with 96 steps for completion of the kit, spread over four dense pages of text. There are no photos to illustrate the construction details, but the plans are full-scale, well-printed, with parts clearly identified.

The plans and instructions reference a gas/nitro power system in several places. This will be an electric-powered build.

The overall part count (of balsa parts, anyway) isn't as high as I had imagined. Good, maybe I'll finish this before winter. I haven't yet done a thorough check of the parts against the packing list.
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