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Ok, so I got the Jet1A mains retracts and struts in today and have them mounted. Couple questions though...

When you have to make new screw holes to mount the retracts but they are too close to an old set of holes, what the best way to fill in the old hole for strength? Epoxy?

I know that it is recommended to have a slight amount of tow-in on the mains, but with the flat spots already on the hardened steel pins, I can't adjust the tow. One main is straight, the other has a bit of tow-out. I imagine that on grass it won't matter too much, but what about on pavement? Will simply correcting with the rudder/nose wheel be enough to control it ok?

Now that I have the final (hopefully) retracts in place, I am going to want to re-glass the area to fill in the openings that were made for the circle spring on the wire retracts. I see that I can order the paint from Comp-Arf, so what material is best to fill in the hole? Just use fiberglass resin and cloth?

Lastly, the Tamjet brakes will work with some modification such as grinding down the attachment points on the back and drilling a pin to keep the whole thing from spinning. Do you think this is worth doing or does anyone know of a thinner "generic" brake hub that will work?

Thanks guys.

I guess the disc brakes here will work. Not too bad for $90 a set, but they may be too big.
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