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There is no first amendment right to say whatever you want here, or in fact any particular place. The first amendment means you can say it, but not in every forum. You can still stand on the street corner and say it, and not get arested.

In any case, the amendment was writen to guarantee Political speach (the king is a fink), not all speach. In England at the time of the revolution saying the king was a bastard, even if true was sedition, and punishable by death. Most anti government speach was sedition. The writers of the constitution wanted to make sure that speach against the government was protected.

Originally posted by Andy W
That's the part that many people still don't seem to get. This site is privately owned. As such, the bill of rights does NOT apply to what is allowed or deemed appropriate. The rules as posted do. We make decisions based on the good of the site - that means on-topic, family-friendly, etc.

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