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Profile Kellett 3 FUN Videos!!!

I flew my Profile Kellett today for two hours. The last time I flew it (two years ago) I noticed it dove down badly once in the air and had to keep the rotors tilted way back just to keep in the air. Today.....I addressed this problem the same way Rich and Andy did by shimming up the trailing edge of the rear stab. Exactly how much....I will have to measure later, but it was a substantial amount. Along with this....I took out all the down thrust on the motor. The result.....a gyor that was so much fun to fly....I forgot to eat lunch! LOL!!!

So...I am thinking of changing the plan. What do you guys think? We all have done pretty much the same thing and want others not to have the same problems.

I extended my blades by 1" each also as my bird is heavy. It worked out so nice!!! As heavy as mine floated like a butter fly! Point the nose down a bit and she increases speed very well. I have a bit too much rudder travel and will have to adjust that. My Magnum 52 was a little "testy" at first. My fuel may be a little old. But finally I got the power range I was looking for. That gave me awesome climb and fun stall turns!!!! Or quick flat turns with high rpms and looks like it is turning in slow motion. So much fun!!

I rolled it once while landing. LOL!!! What exactly happned...I have no idea...but I did break a underslung stab off. But that was it. I used 1/2 gallon today!!! I flew was a blast!!!

All in flies the way a gyro is supposed to now.

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