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I decided I will post further details about the planes planned configuration to clear things up a bit.

For the video gear, here is what I have planned. I want to order a majority of my parts from

The camera will be the sn777, as I have heard wonderful things about this, and the videos from this camera have amazing quality. Plus It can see ground and sky fine without a lot of color deterioration and exposure issues. It is a bit pricey though at about $140. The kx171 was also an option, good camera at a lower price.

Transmitter, 900mhz 500mw, mainly because far less interference, and better range. I have heard that 2.4 interferes and can be interfered easily, and it does not penetrate through obstructions as easily. I think I will go with the 3dbi omni antenna, as I have heard its a fair improvement over the stock.

Standard receiver will suffice for now, using an 8dbi patch.

Ground station will consist of a box or container that can fit everything and be transported easy. I want to keep things as simple and organized as possible, but I don't think I will be able to avoid all of the clutter of a decent FPV setup.

The screen will be a small TV or portable dvd player inside of a black, small garbage can, or box. I don't know if I can afford well over $200 for a good pair of goggles atm. Pan will be the normal rudder stick, and tilt will be a three position switch on my radio, this should be fine for now, I see a lot of people on the forums use this control scheme.

Power to the ground station will be from a 12v lead acid battery setup, I already have a couple, and everything runs on 12v anyways. This will work fine for the TV or dvd player if I can find one that uses a 12v DC input, if not I might get a cheap inverter of sufficient wattage from harbor freight near me. An inverter might be nice anyways, as it will allow me to run my camcorder off a power cord rather than the smaller battery that it has.

One question I really have is this, I have read a thread about placing patch antennas on the ground vs a tripod. Apparently the signal is far better and clean when it is placed near the ground, I think it acts like a grounding plane? But is it possible to get the same effect mounted on a tripod, by making an artificial grounding plane?
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