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Originally Posted by jetstreaming
I understand Ailerons will help a good deal if you intent / do fly in windier conditions.

HOWEVER as an alternative you might want to consider adding a Gyro?
The Gyro will stabalise your plane across its axis, helping keep it fly level (depending on how the Gyro is oriented). You can then spend more time focusing on your flights/missions.

I attached a Camera to my EasyStar and flew it both without, then with the Gyro fitted. Watching the video recordings later, there was really no comparison - almost as if the video was from 2 different planes!

My EasyStar didnt have any Spars to strengthen the wings, even when loaded with FPV components (including a 2nd battery onboard to power the FPV).

With this configuration it flew well and never suffered - even one flight in winds upto 25mph - I watched the wings flex quite considerably, but the plane never let me down.
My question is how well does the gyro work with using the rudder alone. Also, do you have it on just one axis? What would you say is most important, roll or pitch? I was looking into getting gyros a while ago, but they can be costly, and I was thinking ailerons would be required. I thought all the added weight would not be good. I really don't know what is too heavy or not, though I have a general idea, this is my first FPV, much less electric plane too.
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