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Ahh yes, the Metric. One of my all time favorite quotes concerns the Metric.
Five of us were going to the '82 Nats in Lincoln, Neb. and to maximize our flying pleasure we all wanted planes in all three classes (in those days 2-m, standard, and unlimited), so my buddy Jack had a friend build him a Metric.

Now Jack was a very good pilot (he got 2nd or 3rd in ulimited that year), but he never could get the Metric working to his satisfaction. His dissatisfaction with the plane grew as the Nats progressed and at one point he was fussing over it when an enthusiastic young fellow approached. "Hey, a Metric! I'm building one of those! What do you think of it?"

Jack, who's as straght and clean cut as a glider flyer can possibly be, gave him a cold stare. "I think it's about the most worthless piece of s--- it's ever been my misfortune to own." (Jack sold the Metric before we left Lincoln.)

(That trip was memorable in other ways as well. Five of us made the long drive from the West Coast squeezed into Bob Dodgson's little Toyota motor home. On the return trip Bob said he was thinking of designing a new airplane and wanted input from the four of us, so we spelled out what we wanted it to have. Bob listened and incorporated virtually all of our suggestions into his new design. That was the birth of the Windsong!)
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