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Good one Scolen3,

Shame the Accurel 6 being out of stock
Even the turnigy 420 at $23 would have been a great choice for charger.
All these charges work on 12v dc input, so you need to get a transmformer, or cheap computer power supply to power them for home use obviously.

2000kv motor, yes good choice.
Plush 40 esc, yes good choice ( make sure it gets airflow )
programing card, yes good choice
Lipos', flightmax, yes good choice, for $2.70 more, these killa lipos will really increase your flight time and available power.

Battery monitor
Screen in front of camera, good idea, make sure it LCD, and not LED.
The led screens dont sync well with the camera refresh rates, you wont be able to read the figures, it will be a jumbled mess, lol.

HiTec HS 65 all round is good, you wont strip those, nor do they have glitching problems like the HXT's do.
The HS65's being small, can easilly be burried in the tail for rudder/elevator
Cheapy 9gram servos on pan/tilt do not last long, especialy the tilt servo.

Finally, no harm in carving out some of the tail of the EZ* where the prop would hit, this will allow a bigger prop, a half inch wedge out of the tail will give you another inch of prop.

good luck
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