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The Sagitta 600 would fly very well even if NOT built light. I've had one that weighed 43 oz. and flew very well. I remember, I think, winning sportsman in an ESL contest in very light air with it. And some other contests too.

As far as the Metric, I had the impression from watching others that it had a nice glide but often didn't turn well. Since the rudder was substantial, this probably means it needed more dihedral. I'd say go ahead and build it.

If, as seems likely, the airfoil was similar to the Sagitta's, then it's probably a good idea not to slow it too much. The first day I flew the Sagitta I tried to slow it down on approach, and it went into this oscillation (dutch roll, perhaps) like the one the scared pilot does in Top Gun. (Ok, I guess I'm dating myself here.) Of course, I remember the tail as being longer than the Sagitta had, so maybe it wouldn't do the roll thing. Also, don't try to "MUSH" it. Might stall pretty sharply. Better to investigate at higher altitude. However, it's not necessarily a bad thing and if like the Sagitta, a lot more manageable than, say, the old Prodigy.
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