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EDF Dynamic rotor balancing

Thought I would post a photo or two of my latest toy. It is a dynamic rotor balancer from Bob Blackburn.

I ordered it less than two weeks ago, Bob emailed right away and said it would take a week before it would ship (I assume he builds them to order) and one week later I got an email saying it was shipped! Took about 5 days to arrive from the UK, and when the postman handed a box to me today I knew exactly what it was.

I had to try it out right away so I downloaded and printed a copy of the manual from his website then grabbed a fan unit, ESC, and lipo. He says to run low rpm so I used a 2S lipo to make life easy. After about 30 minutes I had my first fan balanced. Most of that time was learning what to do. But this unit is great as it tells you where to place the weight, the only thing you have to do is figure out how much weight, and that is where the trial and error comes in. Balancing was something I always hated to do as you are guessing both the spot and weight amount. Knowing the location is 90% of the battle, then adding and subtracting weight is not that hard.

The fan I balanced was a 64mm 5 blade EDO fan like that is in many of the stock ARF EDFs that are sold these days. I have flown this fan unit before and I was amazed to see how out of balance it actually was. The photo shows the tape I applied and now it runs like a top. I am quite impressed with this unit and highly recommend it. The total cost was about $230 shipped from the UK which may seem high but in reality the amount of money we spend on our EDF models it is not a large cost at all. Not to mention the time you will save balancing your rotors. I expect that a fan can be done in about 5 minutes once you are use to the process. I know I have spent a LOT or time and frustration trying to balance a fan and to me this unit is worth every penny!

I will post photos the next time a balance a rotor you can all see it in action.
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