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Originally Posted by epwierman

If you can, also note the ouside air and pack temps prior to flight.

I just use the mini display for the Unilogger, so I am unable to post graphs.

I do have the usb cable if someone wants to walk me through the steps of getting the data onto the pc.

About 25C I would guess, but it is not important. The IR is so low that at the end of the flight the voltage is falling due to pack emptying. Heating at the beginning will only exacerbate the difference in voltage between the beginning and the end.

The web site has all the instructions you need. The Unilog stuff has been translated into English by Dick. I would suggest (of course I would) that you skip the Excel stuf and just install the UniF5B program also described on the site. This is simpler and tells you all you want to know. The important thing is to install the USB driver first as described in the Unilog documentation. Before plugging in the USB. Do not let Windows install it automatically for you. If it is already there (FTDI USB serial interface) delete it as the default version three times slower.

I use the CC125 on 6S. This is the equivalent in losses to a CC180 on 5S and 1.5 times better than a CC180 on 4S.
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