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Originally Posted by jjmouris
Steve, i didn't. I am comparing whatever Eric had to mine as he flew mine.
That's correct Joe, you did not.

Some differences on my set ups might factor into your prior observation;
- small 3000 and 3300 packs, vs the larger 4100 and 3700's, I was going for 450 gram pack weight, keeping it light, flying high entries.
- preheating the packs, up to 130F prior to flight (just to see how that would work and effect run times), thats 20F higher than your typical post flight temps. (pushing the limits to see where they are, and crossing that line unfortunately a few times)
- your drivetrain was totally different compared to mine, yours being alot more efficient
-you ran V1.23 and the Gearge modified esc i think, vs my stock esc with 1.55 software.
- my props were 18x19, and 18x21 vs the cut down Sergey Pills clone and rfm's you ran.

Here is some data that might be usefull to others regarding new Neu batts:
-on the new 3700's, I've got 30 or so flights on the original set, and 3 flights on the second set. The original 30 cycle set shows within 1/4 volt under load compared to the new set. The original set have been "abused"; stored full, pushed to peak post flight temps of 145F (due to pre heating).
-These are by far the highest performers I've used to date.
-If these new 3700's are preheated to 100F, flown in a 25 second set up, the peak temp at post flight is about 115F.
-This based on Castle Creations Phoenix 180 / Neu 5S3700 / 1509 1.5D 6.7 and a 17-ish prop.

This weekend, we might be trying the Neu "100 dollar" 5S specials. I haven't put the logger on them yet, but they feel stronger than the version they replaced.

The price sure is right and it may "cool off" one of my set ups that just a bit toooo hot. :-)

So, onto other topics... What are some successful 6S neu combos? Who is doing 6S on castle 180's? In seeing Joe's last set up, and his run times, I was very impressed; that B1-2xT was a ripper!

-guy trying to see similarities and differences
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