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Well had my first chance to fly my moth with the 10x4.7, I'm amazed at how much I dont know, you guys were right. The moth flies ok with the 10x4.7 it does actually climb steeper without stalling, it does seem to gain altitude faster, it also cruises with less throttle, but it definately cannot handle the wind as well as the 9x7, and when it gets close to the ground and there is turbulance it is certainly a lot more of a handful and harder to control at low speed and in tight turns.

Couldn't realy try the flight time, as after 15 mins the wind got up to a strength that I was lucky to get it down in one piece, I was tempted to quickly switch props and chuck it up again, it was then that the wind blew my cap off my head and I thought I'd wait for a calmer day.

thanks againfor all the input, both props work ok but I think I like the 9x7 the best out of the two, I will try the 10x4.7 again though.

theres a saying that goes "you never know how much you don't know" How true, its great finding out though.

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