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Hi guys:

Here's my story. I've gone through 2 indoor power motors on this thing so far. First time was on account of the hobby store guy saying an 8 cell 300 mah NiMh batter would be fine. Motor lasted about 4 minutes and died. Replaced motor and flew with 7 cell 300 mah NiMh.... motor lasted about 5 minutes.... died.....

I have been reading here that you guys are flying on 7 cells w/o any problems.... what's my deal? I'm afraid to put the 7 cell in it because of the last motor didn't last.

This morning I put in a 6 cell 800 mah and that tipped the scales at 9.9oz AUW... heavy. It didn't want to get off the ground. I didn't want to throw it because the wind was a bit funky and wanted to see what you folks said before I helped it into the air.

Next option... Li-Poly . . . any opinons on that?

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