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Originally posted by Andy W
The title of the forum is "Open discussions on any aspect of aeromodeling."

Those threads are inappropriate for at least the following (highlighted) reasons:


1. This is a family friendly site. Users shall refrain from cursing, posting lewd or offensive pictures, text, or other media, or in any other way conducting themselves in a manner that would be uncomfortable for children or the parents of children who browse here.

2. We strive to be a place for courteous discussion. Users shall treat each other with respect at all times. There shall be no name-calling. Users shall not provoke one another. Please pause for a moment before sending your post and consider how you would view it if you were reading it as addressed towards you personally.


His posts are inflamatory and the responses (including those posted in a seperate thread) add fuel to the fire.


Those reasons are a cop out. You felt like closing the threads so you did it. You found some reasons that 'fit' your closing the threads, and posted them. There is nothing offensive about the zagi threads, and 'provoking' people is stretch.

I would say that closing the threads were inflammatory and added fuel to the fire.
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