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Originally Posted by Julez

I got some suggestions from users of a german forum:

The first thing is a kind of hassle-free capacity check for Lixx cells:
Discharge, charge, discharge to storage voltage automatically.
This way, the capacity can be checked with logview or without, and one does not have to start the 3 runs manually.
My suggestion would be 2 additional automated programs for Nixx cells:
First, a break-in program for Nixx packs:
Forming charge, discharge, charge. Repeat discharge and charge, until the capacity increase between the cycles is less than 10%

Second, a weak-up and check program for Nixx packs:
Forming charge, discharge, charge.
This would be convenient for planes, which are only flown very seldom.
This way, the pack gets a forming charge to bring it back to shape, it gets a discharge, so that I can check whether tha capacity is OK, and it gets charged again, so that I can use it right away for flying.
Finally, Gerd made the suggestion to improve the charger's hardware, so that while discharging, the energy is fed back into the car battery, and not wasted as heat.


Yes please implement these changes for us Nixxxx users. I am starting to feel that perhaps all the changes done to this charger are mostly for Lixxx users. I understand that Lixxx's are the most used batteries but some of us still also use Nixxx's. In an other post Julez says that perhaps the Nixxx charging function should be similar to Lixxx's, like entering # of cells etc...
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