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i Charger 208B effeciency.

Just returned from field where I used 208B to charge several 3S 3300 LiPolys.

One charge @ 15A in 9 min. 2275 mAh in and charge rate started to taper down. 12:48 Done , 2,539 mAh in. Charge set Balance Storage / Normal Speed.

Another charge with Inspector watt meter checking power to charger.
Same charge settings and same battery( hyperion G3 3S 3300).

PS two 125AH deep cycles in parallel .
No load 12.56 volts
1 min. into charger 12.0 V and 15.9A to charger.
7 min. 11.93V and 17.25 A to charger
12:31 Charge Done
Mininum V under load deep cyles 11.9 , 2,729 mAh pulled from them.
2,521 mAh delivered to 3S LiPoly.
MAx charge rate reached in watts 211.

2,521 / 2729=92.3% effeciency.

Some say that is not correct way to calculate effeciency but in my opion it is as it shows how many Ahs are uses per Ahs delivered to battey being charged.

I am duly impressed.

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