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Originally Posted by Glasswalker
lol wierd. The manual from the ESC says to connect ESC but not the motor, then power up with throttle on full, then it will play a tune. I ended up having to do exactly that (but with the motor connected). Interesting didn't know it was the motor that played the tune.

I manually spun the motor by hand and went through a couple revolutions of the main gear. It wobbles but only about a mm or so in each direction, it never touches anything I can see, and never rides off the main portion of the pinion at all.

I did notice when looking up close there appears to be small fibres of plastic dust on the pinion and near it on the chasis and such after that short spin up... Is it possible my pinion is eating up the main gear?

It's a 12T pinion from LHS. I brought the heli/motor into them and they found one that fit the shaft of my 2836 Turnigy motor. I have the motor pushed up against the main gear as tight as I can get it. and locked into place. It appears to be meshing ok.

This noise just has me a bit spooked, don't want to trash the main gear or have it shake itself apart lol...

Any further suggestions? Anything I can photograph or videotape closer up to give you more information?

is the pinion the same pitch as your main gear?(example) if the pinion is a metric pitch and the spur is a standard pitch,the pinion will not seat all the way in the spur gear and will eventualy eat all the teeth on the spur gear!
i had this problem on a tamiya rc truck....seems tamiya for some ungodly reason used hard to find metric pitch gears.when id mesh the standard 64 pitch pinion against the metric tamiya spur it looked like a match,but when everything was tightened down....out came the noise and plastic shavings!
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