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Twist 40 61FX Tuned pipe

Well thought id add my mods here since i have had a few of these planes.

The first PNP Twist i had Was great Had an Evolution .46 NX on it only mods to it were the landing gear, prop and tail gear.

Landing gear.

Tail gear.

Used the stock JR servos bought longer control arms for it.

Control arms used 2 sets Since the longest control arm were only 2 in the middle. I'm sure there are better ones out there.

Propeller that seemd to work the best for me.

Was great plane taken out buy a Crow..

Then i moved onto the Arf version since i had most the stuff, but i didnt have to much luck with the evolution engine and wanted that raging Power so i Switched to a bigger engine. Same airframe components just a bigger enigne.


And for even more power i had to go with a tuned pipe.

Pipe.8.5cc (.45-.60)12"2.0 oz56.951150
HeaderO.S. .61 FX & SF, .75 AX
O.S. .60 FP & LA(bolt through)
Evolution .61 NT
Jett .67L & .76L (not the .60L or .65)
Magnum .61 Pro
MDS .68-.78 FS Pro
ThunderTiger GP & Pro .61
Webra .61-.75 P5-H 2860286128622863

Propeller. I use on the OS .61 have to remember it's what works best for me. Alot depends on were you fly your plane. I live in the mountains and the air is thin here so a prop with a low pitch is better. High pitch props Stall and dont pull as well. Need low gears in the mountains.

This plane has broke in half on one landing after it had 50 or so flights on it.
So i peiced it back together and Beefed up the Area behind the cockpit were they all break sooner or later.
And thats about it.
Using a hitec optic 6 radio with the Hitec RX for my Radio needs.
Been happy with mine and fly it every chance i get Seems to be the only plane i have that flys right.
Update 1/18/2010
Since i last posted here i have made changes put the stock muffler back on the OS. 61 FX too many complained about the noise. Low end thottle response with a tuned pipe is sluggish and not good for trying to Hover have to have quick low end throttle response.
And switched prop to a 13X4 Narrow tip apc prop. Seems they dont make a 13X4 wide prop.
Planning on adding 3 inch wheels and a 14X4 Wide prop.
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