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Originally Posted by MikeMcChiken
Cool , we have some good levels of experience in here from the small motors all the way through multi-cylinder .

Anyone new comming in here should be able to get any question answered by one of us .

I'm with you Justerik , Let'em HOWL .

Welcome To All
Alright, Mike, I'm going to test your assesment of the group! I've got a Goldberg Tiger 60 kit, my second RC plane, that I'm building and plan to power it with a Saito 100, which is my first 4 stroke. Would anybody care to share what type of motor mount they like to use with their Saito engines, and more importantly, WHY they like it. I've done some searches on the forums here at RC Groups and I've found that some posts recommend a hard, rigid engine mount such as an aluminum mount in order to reduce or eliminate engine movement. Others mention use of flexible engine mounts and their advantage of reducing vibration on servos, receiver, and airframe in general. One particular thread discussed a screw breakage issue on a Saito throttle linkage and found that the plane with the issue had a glass filled nylon engine mount with an adjustable beam width that was believed to be undersized for the engine, and because of that, it allowed too much bending or torque flexing of the throttle linkage, thus, repeatedly breaking a screw on the engine.

It would be interesting to see if there is any one type of mount--1) rigid aluminum, 2) flexible/vibration reducing, or 3) glass filled nylon--that is more favored by Saito owners with similar size power plants as what I have.

James L.
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