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As for mounting the Corsair landing gear on the Gunfighter, I used the panel line for the gear door to determine where the gear would extend from. I used the Landing Gear Plates from the Corsair , and the landing gear . Make sure the hole for the wire is inboard and the clip part allows the L/G wire to clip in from the front of the wing towards the back. Press the gear plates into the foam to get a pattern, and hog out by hand only the 1 big hole for the L/G wire section with a drill bit. Make the hole a little smaller than what is required. Press the L/G plate into the foam making it as tight as you can get it and then remove it. I used Gorilla Glue. Dampen the foam, and put some glue into each hole and around the outside perimeter of where the plate would go. Clean the plate with alcohol and press the plate back into the foam. Slather the part of the L/G wire that hooks into the plate with Vaseline (very important) install it, and clamp the plate and L/G down for a couple of hours. Remove the L/G after the glue has dried and bend it so that it rakes forward and sits perpendicular to the ground. I used the plastic lid from a Maxwell coffee can to cut out the gear doors. I attached the doors with 1 screw drilled into the plate and attached to the L/G with a cable tie. Drill the holes for the cable tie far enough apart to allow the gear to flex on landing. Good luck. John
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