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So after a few days off of building i have came back with a few ideas. I have the aircraft in testbed position. It flew across the backyard under power nice and straight with no rudder, no aileron, only elevator and throttle. I had noticed a few places i could have made lighter and better uses of bulkheads and such.

Version 2 is fully under way even though version 1 isnt finished. I dont think version 1 ever will be finished but will be retired to hang from my sons room ceiling.

I have a few pictures but its only of the plans on the foam with no cuts. The wing saddle will be redisigned to accomidate built up formers. I have not decided on how to attach the wings yet but it will either be bamboo skewers and rubber bands or popsicle sticks and magnets.

I am happy to have seen version 1 fly across the backyard. It proved that the airframe is capable of flight in its present configuration. The 10 gram hobbyking motor appears to have the grunt to pull this plane. I have the turnigy 6 amp esc and the web site says not to run on 3 cells so i am only using a rhino 360 2 cell. I was worried that 7ish volts was enough and i guess it is. Once i have it fully maidened i guess ill be the judge of the ability of the 10 grammer.

Ill try to have a few more pics posted in the next day or so.

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