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Aeronaut Panther flies

Made two good flights yesterday on my Panther and it proved to be a fine flying machine. I was a little nervous as it's my first bungee launched plane but i had no reason for concern as it launched without any problems.

But i have a question for you Panther flyers out there; I balanced mine as described in the manual and it felt a little tailheavy and i also needed about 1mm of downtrim on the elevator to get it trimmed for level flight, is this normal? Before my second flight i moved the battery about 1 cm forward and that seemed to help but i still need 1 mm downtrim, my German is not exactly brilliant but i thought the manual said to have 1-1,5 mm of uptrim and not downtrim

Besides this trim problem I really enjoyed flying the plane, with my power setup it cruises at half throttle so 5 min flights with my 1950mAh cells seems to be within reach, my timer was set on 3 min. and I had a minute of full throttle left after landing. What surprised me a little is how docile the landings are, it floats forever and lands soo slow, without any tipstalling tendencies.
Sorry but I don't have any pics or video yet, as i left my camera at home but it's coming...

Setup is as follows:
Schubeler DS-51-DIA-3ph
Hacker B50-10XL ( i know it's heavy but I had one lying around)
18 x 1950mAh FAUP cells ( zapped cells)
Kontronik Beat 80-6-18
Weight: 2300 gram
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