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Hello everyone,

Thank you for your participation to discuss the dealing way of several issues.
Originally Posted by everydayflyer
When a update Revision is made available provide imformation listing changes.

The latest 208B Rev. does what?

Is there a Rev. history file that is maintained somewhere? Can prevreious Rev. be reinstalled and if so are they available on-line?
The released upgrading file yesterday is only a beta version. When the official version comes out, there will be a detail Rev. history file.
Originally Posted by everydayflyer
Does installing Rev. clear / erase present memory setting?
We are regret if bringing you troubles. We will improve it in the next version, when the users do not want to clear/erase, it will switch the clearance to OFF.
Originally Posted by everydayflyer
Cell Pro 10 you do not set cell count at all. You set battery Type ,LiFe,LiIon,LiPo and you set charge rate. When you connect the balancing lead and power lead and press Start it reads the balancing leads ans sets cell count automaticly. There is no way to get it wrong uinless you connect a 3S balancing llead to a 4S LiPoly in which case it give you a voltage eroor as the total voltage from the balancing leads does not match the battery voltage reading from the power leads.
When balance charging, you can set cell count from 1-8s. Now after improvement, you can set cell count automatically.
Originally Posted by Hilde
Agree, and same as yours, with V309a my 1st cell is always lower?
Our engineer will do some modification in the next version. I will inform you when new upgrading file comes out.
Originally Posted by saarisalo
C-D / D-C cycling - end state selection

One other wish from me would be to be able to select the end state for cycling charge. No matter if it was c-d or d-c cycle, I would like to set which state would the battery be left into: full, empty, storage. The default of course is that in c-d the charger would leave the battery empty and in d-c the battery is left full. In some cases however, I have missed the possibility to do a c-d cycle and a charge right after. Automating that would be helpful. Also having packs on on the shelve during winter, I would like to be able do a couple of cycles and leave them into storage state.
Thanks mikko for your input. We have read your post carefully, and want to collect more idea from others on end state selection.

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