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Originally Posted by wim5150
Lee, been watching some of the great video. Nice work, camera seems to do a great job!

What would you estimate the wind speeds to be in videos #4 & #5 ?
Very impressive flying in the wind.
In video #4 of the low speed flying the wind was probably 15+/-mph.

In the #5 if that is where Scott was flying the wind near the ground was 20+ and up in the air it was probably 30+.

The big wind was 2 Saturdays ago as a storm front moved in. I was flying the Assassin wide open throttle and could hardly make headway. I cut back to half throttle and the plane flew backwards over my head. We can easily get the plane to 65-70 mph on the speed gun on a windless day so I would guess the wind was close to 45-50 mph.

I am not afraid of wind. I spent years flying slope on some of the best slopes in the world and 30+ mph was a reason to go to the mountain not a reason to go home. I'm sure some of the wind I have flown has been 50+ mph.

I am going to go find a video I want you to see combat in the wind. When your planes don't break when they wreck it isn't a big deal to to put them up in the wind. I flew in a big dust devil the other day too.

This video isn't downloading tonight for me. Hope you have better luck.

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