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Perhaps add another Main (start) block as in page # 7 or 24.

Scroll (Select) Saved Charging Setups or whatever seems like a good description.

My point is the charger already knows battery chemistry, cell count ,charge rate,Balancing Option, termination voltage,etc. for each saved memory ,why should the user have to name them for identification purposes.

Surely in the 15 months or so these chargers have been out others have found naming Memories somewhat of a PITA.


Smart chargers are wonderful as long as their operation / programing does not make the task of using them work.

My ideal Li charger would most likely have a Button (switch) to select battery type, one to select charge rate and one to select special options settings an increase and a decrease plus a start and a stop.. , Start would be Green and Stop would be Red.

Push Battery Type then scroll with inc / dec ,press charge rate then scroll with inc / dec. etc. It would be so simple that memory locations would not matter.

I am sure those who have used these chargers and only these chargers for some time find them very user friendly. My problem (issue) is that I use many different chargers and trying to remember which combination of buttons to push and which button takes you where is like trying to remember your way out of a maze like in the movie the Shinning. I do not want to navigate a maze I just want to charge some batteries.

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