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Please also consider the possibility of giving names to memory positions. Names can be so much more informative than just memory numbers - especially if the user is not using the charger every day.

In fact mem positions can be named problem you have to name them same as with Cell phone ,Scrolling one letter,number.symble at a time and not even the battery type is pre filled in for you.

ie If you want Memory #1 to be a LiPoly balance charge of a 4S at 5 amps. then you must

Chose Lithum chemistry then LiPoly ,next set 4S then 5A ,next save to Mem #1 .
If you want Mem #1 to show the Type and charge data you have to enter say

LiPo-4S-5A ( ten characters) to find scrolling for that one Memory position.
You must also go to Setting and select C or F, when to balance,etc. and save these settings to the Mem position also.

I have many chargers and most you would go to LiPoly menu,set number of cell ,chatrge rate and save to a Memory position.
other choices such as C / F, max. capacity,time out etc. are Global but can be chaned per each meory if you so desire.
Most chargers do not clear all users present memoried during the install of an update .

The 208B is a very powerful charger with a lot of very advanced feactures and places more operating choices in the user;s hand than most any other charger. The one major draw back I find is that it is not users frienly programing and naming memories to save.

I think it is much easier to just have a cheat sheet (lable) on the charger's case and write memory setting on it.


Once you set and save a Memory position then Load said Memory it does show battery Type charge rate etc.
problem is it does not show this imformation when you are scrolling through(selecting) a memory # unless you enter such imformatiom before saving it.

Confused? charger know battery type and settings but does not fill in that info ,user must do it or when you go to Load Memory 1 you have a blank screen until after you load it. Yes I am getting forgetful but I need to see that I am about to load a LiPoly 4S 5A charge rate not an unknown.
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