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Installed 3.09A Rev in 208B.

which cleared all set Memories (no wonder many do not go to the trouble of setting / nameing them).

Charged a 4S 3300 LiPoly and IR 1 / 3 / 3 / 3 so IMO still not right.

Isn't there some way once a Memory is configured and saved that it could be recalled and just modified and saved to another Memory Position?

The processes of naming each Memory location from scratch each time is enough to drive a man to drink.

Originally Posted by everydayflyer
Balance charging LiPo,LiFe use balancing leads to determine and set cell count. It allready checks and compares such as if a 3S is connected and charger is set to 4S it gives voltage error.

Now this function is available.

I understood this to mean 208B would set cell count based on balancing leads cell count however it does not.

Most likely a language barrier problem.

Cell Pro 10 you do not set cell count at all. You set battery Type ,LiFe,LiIon,LiPo and you set charge rate. When you connect the balancing lead and power lead and press Start it reads the balancing leads ans sets cell count automaticly. There is no way to get it wrong uinless you connect a 3S balancing llead to a 4S LiPoly in which case it give you a voltage eroor as the total voltage from the balancing leads does not match the battery voltage reading from the power leads.

Thanks for adding the Mem. locaton # to the Mem position however I should have been more clear.

I wanted the Mem. # on the screen
LiPo Balance Chg
10.0A 14.8V(4S)

so that when I loaded one from Memory and modified it I would know where to save it back to.

Load Settings 00

is not really helpful.

Sorry for the confusion.

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