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Judging from the number of downloads in my post
it would seem there are a lot of users who are interested in the multi balancing leads adapter. I know I have made these for my TO1010C,all three of my Hyperions and now the 208B. I find them so much earier to use and I only have one adpater to keep up with for all fo my normal balance charging.
Page #13 of the 208B manual has a wiring diagram which makes this super easy to figure out. Starting with the outside pack negative (cell #1) lead all of the connections are next,next,next, etc. until the last one is reached with one exception.
Hyperion / Poly Quest skips connection position #2 for a 3S . That is Hyp. / PQ uses positions 1 / 3 / 4 / 5 for a 3S ,they do not use position #2 in the male balancing connector on the battery.

Used the 208B for the first time at the field thismorning. Power supplied by my two 125Ah deep cycles which were holding 12.2 volts under load. Air temp was 82F and the highest internal temp. I saw was 122F and this was during a 3S 2200 10A charge
3S 2200 @ 10A
1,701 mAh / 13:31
1,521 mAh / 12:55

3S 2200@ 6A
1,493 mAh / 19:00


Input voltage ,charge rate,delivered mAh,battery voltage,cell voltages are all very close. Biggest error (?)/difference I have noticed is 208B displays reads 12.56 when all of my other test equipment reads 12.54 for the same battery. That is a .2% error which I feel is extremely accurate.

Correction that was not the greates difference ,0.17 volts difference between chargers battery display voltage and my Inspector Watt meter battery display was the largest differenc ebut that most likely was due to increased resistence of extra leads,connectors and wire length.

The only readings which I have observed which I question are the Cell IR readings and I will need to run some addational test to see if it is indeed the charger or perhaps something else. Initial reading on two different LiPolys 4 / 4 / 8 and 4 / 4 / 10. Both of these have consistently measured between 2.8 and 4.3 depending of charge rate and temperature so I tend to believe that cell # 1 & 2 are displaying correct IR and Cell #3 is way off. Note I tried not only my homemade balancing leads but also the OEM one and reading were the same.


Addational data:

Discharged 3S 2200
battery voltages
208B 11.08 all cells 3.7 / IR 3 / 3 / 7
Accurate DVM 11.05
CBA II 11.04
2,025 mAh dischared to LVC of 10.5V @ 20 amps. (Zenee 30C )
Charged at 6A on 208B l(latter)

Cell IRs again LiPoly which 208B indisctaed cells at 4 / 4 /10 when charged on Cell Pro 10 at same rate and at same temperature 3 /3 /3 .

************************************************** ******

My Wish list:

Add ability to change charge rate during the charge but does not become a permenate charge( does not become permenate unless saved to a memory slot).

Be able to read cell IRs during the charge. Cell IRs change with state of charge and with temperature changes.

Global setting for C or F , Safety Time Out , Max. Capacity Cut Off , Beep On Time, Termination Voltages with ability to over ride Global setting on a per Memory bases.

Change so that when a Memory is Loaded and you make changes to it and save it it is automaticly saved to same location by default ,(with abaiklty to change isf so desired).
IMO it is way to easy to make a change and store it over another Memory position. Default is 00 which I over wrote several times by mistake and even now that I know better I sometimes forget which memory I am making changes to.
How about requiring two steps to save to a Memory Slot already being used?

During a Charge or Discharge show Memory # being used.

Balance charging LiPo,LiFe use balancing leads to determine and set cell count. It allready checks and compares such as if a 3S is connected and charger is set to 4S it gives voltage error.

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