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Combined improvement suggestions

Some may look at suggestions for improvements as complaints however I see them as opportunities to improve a product and make it better,easier to use,more powerful,user friendly and perhaps increase sells.

I have Beta / field tested a lot of RC items over the years and I have never had a manufactur / vendors call them complaints.
Right, I was just kidding.

Here, in this post, I want to post the yet unadressed improvement suggestions, which are scattered throughout the thread, and some new ones.

1) Larger Steps in charge/discharge current programming.
In my opinion, when one adjusts larger currents, the steps should also become larger, so that it needs less time to set a current. Noone would really set 10.1A or 16.7A
So my suggestion is:
>2A: 0.2A steps
>5A: 0.5A steps
>10A: 1A steps

This should be sufficient.

2) Rollover menu, implemented in 208B, but not the other chargers:
When one increases the biggest current, the display starts at the smallest current, and vice versa, like:

This means, that one does not have to scroll through the whole current range to get from one extreme value to the other.

3) Individual cell discharge voltage setting for Nixx discharge.
In the Lixx discharge program, one can set the cell count and the cutoff voltage per cell.
In the Nixx discharge program, one can only set the total cutoff voltage.
I find this slightly confusing and a little inconvenient.
If you have a 13 cell pack, and you want to discharge to 0.85V/cell, whats the total cutoff voltage? Anyone? Fetching a calculator is inconvenient, and calculating a wrong voltage by mental math is possibly dangerous.

Therefore, my suggestion would be, to make the Nixx discharge program in the same way as the Lixx discharge program, with the following parameters:
1) current
2) cell count
3) cutoff voltage per cell

4) Nixx fitness program.
The forming charge already has made it easier to care about our packs.
But to be totally sure that a pack is healthy, one needs at least one discharge cycle to check the capacity. If one wants to fly again afterwards, one needs to charge again.
This whole process could be automated.
I suggest the following algorithm:

a) enter pack capacity and cell count as in forming charge mode.
b) the charger makes a forming charge.
c) The charger makes a discharge according to the programmed discharge parameters.
d) The charger charges according to the programmed charge parameters.
e) If the discharged capacity is less than 90% of the capacity entered in (a), (c) and (d) are repeated until the capacity increase between the individual discharges is less then 5% of the capacity entered in (a).

This way, when I have a pack lying around, and I want to fly next day, all I need to do is to activate the Nixx fitness program.
The pack will automatically be formed, discharged to check the capacity, and cycled, should the initial capcity not be sufficient. At the end, there is always the charge (d), so that I will always have a fully charged pack the next day, no matter what.
These are all steps that would normally require a lot of human interaction.


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