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Originally Posted by Ping
Their is an error in the manual on page 10! The pictures for the elevator direction ARE INCORRECT. The text is correct. When you pull the elevator stick back your elevator should move UP.
good catch. btw, what are instructions?

let me preface this by saying that i have an ENORMOUS ego, this was way beyond my skill level and i should have gone straight to jail, do not pass go.
my 2 crashes that were from lack of skill, were wind related, so wind is my white whale. the wind was gusting between 15-20mph, but i wanted to fly so badly, i figured i could handle it. the camera is resting in a hole cut in the bill of a hat and thats why the vid quality sucks. it is just a camera that takes vids, not a video camera. its bad enough that you should watch it, if you so choose to watch, in large screen and HD. there is an "OH sh##" moment towards the end...laugh all you want. the flag pic and the tree vids give an idea of wind speed. i flew for (x2) 1 min runs and went home. it was 2, too many.

the purpose of this vid is to hopeful show 3 things. with a corsair setup it is pretty quick, not horizon hobby matty power 10 quick, but a 30 second corsair part swap quick, which is pretty fast. even in stupid strong wind, it behaves well and while it was doing the forbidden dance, it was controllable...for the most part. even for the most ham fisted flyer (me), landing is brainless. landing is so easy, im thinking of reversing all my servos to see it i can bring it down in fewer than 4 pieces

this is just my opinion, but with the corsair mod, it is way faster than my buddies stock t-28, or my f4u w/ tr 35-42c 1000 and an 11x5.5. id say its 11x7 quick, but this is just eyeballing it.
almost crash due to wind...and ego
how windy it is
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