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Maiden is under my belt. I did the second to the most stupid things in the history of stupid things: I checked all of the control surfaces last night at 2am before heading to bed and, you guessed it, didn't notice that the ailerons were reversed.

Thankfully my hand launch didn't require any initial correction and I was climbing when I initiated a gentle turn right and watched the plane bank left. I also at that moment realized what I'd done and rewired my brain instead of wondering why the plane was banking left when the control stick was going to the right and gave opposite correction rather than continuing to give right stick.

So, as you'd imagine, the first couple of circuits were quite thrilling as I tried to get the P-51 lined up straight and level and NOT pointed at some solid object at the field. I managed to get the wings level and landed in the grass just short of the parking lot at the field. Once on the ground it was a simple matter to reverse the aileron servos via the TX menu system. Had I not been alone at the field I'm sure someone could have done this for me while I was still in the air.

After this near disaster I tossed the plane up again and started exploring its flight characteristics. It's nice and stable in the air, relatively quick and fairly nimble. I was able to do all of the basic acrobatics that I normally do with a warbird and was almost able to hold level knife edge flight. A little more rudder throw would probably allow this plane to do that.

Now, in contrast to what Matt said, mine does not have unlimited vertical with the stock setup. It'll run out of airspeed after climbing 50 - 100' straight up but it does have good vertical performance. I'd guess level speed is around 40mph with the stock motor and prop. The roll rate could still use a little adjusting but I don't think I'll change it as it looks to me to have a fairly scale roll rate with the linkage in the factory servo arm hole and moved to the second from the surface aileron horn hole. I'll also mention that the rudder on my P-51 seems to be fairly effective and I'd encourage anyone interested in doing hammerhead stalls to give the mod a go.

I'm pleased with the purchase and am in no real rush to swap the motor and ESC out as I know it'll keep up with my buddy's Art Tech Mustang and scratch built FW-190's. The battery and rudder mods are where I'm going to stop for now.
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