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Well I finished it (obviously) the wing is a very simple affair, glue the two halves together, plenty of epoxy on the 3 spars and she slides together perfectly, I sat and held it for 5 mins and it was done.

I fitted the servos in first and got them all set up properly, no flaps yet as no time, I glued the hinges in and stuck them closed with a little double sided tape for now, can always fit them up later on.

Wing bolted up to the fuse perfect after it was joined, its quite a stiff fitting too, once the wing is bolted on you have to really juggle the cover on so the bolt holes all line up, took me about 30 mins fiddling with the hole direction but eventually all 5 bolts were done and surprising the wing is quite stiff!

So there she was sitting there, I slide the battery in place, all looking good, then I look at the CG and think, that looks really far forward for an aircraft with such a swept wing and long moment. No way can it be 130mm, I figured after the Panther issues with the CG too far back lander has gone really conservative on this.

With the battery in the best I could get was 160mm But looking at the shape and length of the model I was convinced the CG was wrong, 130mm is waaay too far forward.

Anyway I ended up ripping out the second battery tray and left just the first one in, closest to the nose. This tray does need to be lowered a bit too so will do that later and adjust the start of the build thread to reflect these changes.

So today! Get to the field and set up, discuss with the guys my thoughts on CG, no one seems to want to commit to anything not in a manual, chickens! Range check and all is ok, pick her up and say bugger this lets go, CG at 160mm she launched out dead straight, sunk down a little then off she went with a very slight climb! Trim required was one click of down elevator, flew dead level, good roll rate, very stable, average response on the elevator.

Inverted required a good deal of down, about half my travel and pitch stability was well on the sluggish side, definitely feels like she can take more rearward CG!

Second flight removed the 30g of lead under the nose, better but still needs plenty of elevator inverted.

third flight moved the battery back, CG now around 170mm, still just as stable, rolling quite a bit more axial now and less down needed for inverted flight. I think we could go to 180mm from what I experienced today.

Last landing I flaired too much and ballooned, added a bit of power and held the nose up, she high alfa'd in nicely and dropped down for the best landing of the day!

Awesome plane, looks hot in the air, not super duper fast on the 4s setup but almost as quick as my Panther and sounds very jet like on low passes. A really nice balance for a 50's fighter jet, just like you would expect of a Hunter!

Video coming, will add more notes in later on the build, pushrods held up fine, elevator did not suffer from centering issues which proves it does work
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