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Ok here are some photos of the installation, the channels for the pushrods need to be deepened a lot and lengthened enough to remove the sharp curve in them as much as possible.

The pushrods are still not perfect, the servo buzzes when pushing all the way but it seems to be centering ok right now and the little B1122 1.4kg torque servo seems to cope.

Not a great setup mind you, snake cables would have been better, or a much lighter stiff piano wire with guide tubes running full length, this way the two wires could be brought together inside the same ezy connector and from experience I know this works 100% on dual elevator pushrod setups.

But for now its done, notice the tape holding the two rods together up near where they come together, this stops them flexing out when pushed, seems to work fine like this and removed the extra slop being generated.

Tail went together nicely, only a small amount of foam needed to be removed in the centre of the horizontal empenege, there is a channel on the top and bottom of the fin in the centre, this channel needs widening about a mm either side, then the tailplane slides into the slot easily.

Rudder looked a bit haphazard with the torque rod running down through the fuse into the interior, seems to work ok though, the horn is quite strong and it was easy to tighten up the grub screws pretty firmly without stripping anything. I will soak thick CA into the assembly carefully before closing it up so its locked solid.

Servos are epoxied in on all surfaces that contact, I will cut a block of foam to push between the two, this should give them full support and eliminate any flex that may occur over time.

Power system is assembled ready for double sided tape and installation. I will take pics of how I do this as I have a particular method for laying out the ESC etc and pictures always save a lot of typing
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