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Need help with Low-cost QuadRotor

Hi everyone,
Im new to RCGroups
Hope this is the right section to post this.

We are developing a Quadrotor which can be controlled through GSM, as our final year project. We only have 6 months so we have to build the Quadrotor as soon as possible because we have to concentrate on the GSM part as thats our goal.

The main problem that we face here is the budget. Trying to keep it as low as possible,we ended up with following parts. Even though we are aware about quality,we are going to order them and try. Before that I thought it would be better to ask for help from you guyz.

As we estimated,the total weight of the system will be around 1.5kgs.
planning to use 4 of following TowerPro combos
HobbyCity- TowerPro Combo

Assuming we will receive properly working Motors and ESCs ,Please tell me whether the thrust would be enough to make our UAV fly.

We are totally new to this field. So if there is anything that I missed, plz let me know. Thanks is offline Find More Posts by
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