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Originally Posted by pmccleave

The following information is taken from each plane's general websites.

Xplorer: Area = 75.83 dm2, Weight = 1950 G
Orca: Area = 72.28 dm2, Weight = 1960 G

I would guess both of my planes are slightly heavier than the projected weights but I am guessing the differences would be similar. The Orca definately has a little heavier wing loading unballasted. It also has a faster airfoil, that responds very well to camber. Also, the Xplorer airfoil when set neutral is slightly cambered similar to the airfoil used on the Zenith. I will try to get actual weights of my two planes to see how they compare to the projected weights.

See Ya,

Excellent info Pat, thanks for the additional info. I have had a few opportunities to fly in avg 10mph wind with gusts up to 15, but not in 20mph yet.

In 10mph constant wind, I find adding about 6oz of ballast to my Dbox (72oz) helps maintain decent energy in the turns.

But, recently, I have been opting to use reflex instead of ballast and find it is quite a surprise to see how good the X is in up to 10mph with no ballast.

I am lots of time thermaling in reflex in gusty conditions, becasue the avg wind may be only 5, but the gusts get up to 15, so ballast for the most part is not very efficient.

I'll report more I later.
Again, thanks for your insight!
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